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return3R: Respect, Recognition and Reward

3RChanging behaviour is one of the cornerstones of "doing" sustainability. However, like many things, behaviour change does not come about just because the boss says so or because it is a good idea. People need to be motivated to make them change their behaviour - in other words, they need to be respected, recognised and rewarded.

Our approach to this is an informal contract between the company and the workforce, whether employee or contractor - the 3R.

3R actionsRespect
The company outlines its objectives to "do" sustainability during new staff induction, inviting all staff members to contribute ideas and suggestions. The company shows its respect by offering sufficient information such that effective decisions can be made during work to make sustainability a reality for every member of the workforce.

The company recognises the efforts from the workforce in coming up with ideas for improvements and celebrates the successes with the entire company.

This can range from the very tangible: money to the conceptual: "do good" and the pragmatic: in control.

By offering financial rewards in the form of say a gain-share productivity gain, the company can make it clear that rewards are tied to real-world achievements.

However, the company also recognise the efforts of its workforce in delivering results and through this, do good to the community as a whole. This is a powerful message: "we are part of a decent caring company" and this motivates the workforce often as much as giving money as rewards because people realise they are actually "doing sustainability" instead of just talking about it.

Furthermore, by introducing new ways of working that came form innovations and suggestions, the company is saying that the workforce can control the way they work by becoming more innovative. This is an ultimate expression of respect and recognition: the workforce can shape the way work is done by their own ideas and actions.

We can help you develop a 3R programme that is tailored to your specific needs and capabilities.