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Lean operations is an operations management that is derived originally from the Toyota Production System. Since its first introduction to the West in the late 1990s, Lean has evolved significantly from having a manufacturing-centric focus to becoming a ubiquitous approach any type of operations, whether service or manufacturing in private, public or the not for profit sectors.

lean cycle In this proliferation of deployment, the Lean message remains that of:

Greenfile Developments helps its clients to introduce Lean through developing a strategy that uses a modern interpretation of classic Lean tools and techniques. These are supported by communications programmes; rewards initiatives and skills development.

A typical Lean initiative begins with a corporate commitment towards Lean operations. This is then followed by an extensive analysis on customer needs and organisational capability to deliver these needs. This analysis can be cascaded towards the process and task levels. The analysis is followed by detailed value analysis which highlights process constraints and bottlenecks.

We then help our clients to solve these problems and implement solutions as well as setting realistic targets. This is followed by assessment of the gains and then continuous improvements.